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giovedì 15 maggio 2014

Massimiliano Carli on the Adobe Flash/AIR technology of today & tomorrow

San Jose, USA. Read Mc2labs's boss latest post in Adobe Developers Forums on the (possible) future the of Flash/AIR runtime tecnology.

Adobe Flash/AIR is the most powerful multiplatform Internet client-side technology available on the planet, and it works in perfect pair with the technological fundaments of the WIMS Technology model[3] by Mc2labs.

Read the post (#226, 13/05/2014):

Mc2labs started the development[1] of WIMS Engine Server the 16th of January 2001 (which was a Max Carli's not-yet-well-drawn long-time-friend project) immediately later Macromedia[2] released to public his Flash 5 and its ActionScript 1.0 language in August 2000. "yes we can mode: on".

[1] using Java from Sun Microsystems
[2] Macromedia have been acquired by Adobe Systems in 2005
[3] WIMS Server comes with (a set of) WIMS Client Components (WCC), which is the WIMS client-side software framework (for developers) built with and specific for each selected client-side technology to connect to WIMS Server. Today the WIMS Client Components for Adobe Flash/AIR are the only one WCC developed.

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