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WEBTELCOM 5 alpha1 | Web Module
With WIMS++ server source file and notes

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[ WEB-CANITERE / under costruction, alpha1 - another wims based software platform: ]
01/2014. The core application of WebTelcom5 Suite - For Win, Mac, tablets & the Web:
Requires Adobe Flash 11, ports: tcp 7781 (WIMS server), tcp 1935 and tcp/udp 1936 (streaming servers) -- [test mode]

 ABOUT THE PROGRAMMING AND SERVICE INFRASTRUCTURE  (see "the True-Realtime Web" Internet software model on Wikipedia)
Like each Mc2labs product, the (server) core of WebTel 5 is developed in WIMS++, which is a "very high level" server programming language, and run thanks to the -main entity- of Massimiliano Carli's WIMS Internet RealTime Engine Server 4.1++ (his 'Internet software clock' - a programming & service NetOS built in pure Java, installed in the Mc2labs server farm which consists of a couple of CentOS6/HP servers hosted in a rack of a local carrier @ Interoute). Since WebTel 5 is at the first days of his development life - WebTelcom platform v5.0.a1 is a first alpha version - WebTel 5's wims source file (that consists of just 1 package for now) at the moment have been published by Max (see below) just as an example of the new WIMS4++ programming model and his (v 2.0) network software architecture approach.

WIMS Internet RealTime Engine Server v.4 implements a new and innovative client/server-oriented object-based programming model. Inside WIMS4 objects structures it is used the (empowered) WIMS3 realtime istructionset.
To have a look to some more about the WIMS _realtime_ programming language in itself, please check the parent product source file - WebTel 3, product which is not more on the web (you can only just have a look to the WIMS3 realtime programming model and the WIMS istructionset used. pics in this company blog).

See WebTel 5 server source code (WIMS4++, full oop programming, wims client/server model v2.0) at
(selected clientside technology: Adobe Flash/AIR AS3/AVM2)

See WebTel 3.5 server source code (WIMS3, simulated object programming, wims client/server model v1.2) at
(2004 -> 2009 [prod] / 2011 [sales] | selected clientside technology: Adobe Flash AS1/AVM1)

ancestor product: WebStation (2002)